I reach people for Christ with humor. I’m called a Christian comedienne … I call myself blessed. I get to look at life through a humorous lens and then talk about it … and this tool allows me to share the Gospel. Obviously, God can use anyone!

So, I feel like comedy would be the last way God would speak about NewSpring Church and Pastor Perry Noble. ! I have been encouraged, instructed and challenged by a lot of people since I’ve been in public ministry. One of my favorites is Perry Noble, while I don’t personally know him; his messages have personally impacted my life. Therefore, like many of my brothers and sisters in Christ, I have been heartbroken about the circumstances. My heart is deeply grieved and that has made me pray, which is a good thing. After a long period of praying, I felt God move me to the Bible especially the book of Luke, and then, specifically to Luke 22:31. In this verse we find Jesus telling Peter that Satan has asked to “sift him like wheat.” Let’s dissect that.

First, note Holy Scripture does not say Satan got to do as he pleased … he had to ask Jesus to sift Peter, and Scripturally and historically we know this happened with Peter because he denied Jesus Christ 3 times later that night before the rooster crowed on the dawn of a new day. This compelled me to deeper study. If Satan had to ask then, it means Jesus allowed Peter to be sifted like wheat. Whoa, please say you just read that twice. Jesus allowed Peter to be sifted. Scripturally the answer is, “Yes,” but before you jump to conclusions, remember that Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, (Revelation 1:8) which means Jesus is the beginning and end. I like to think of it as if Jesus is holding a large red View-Finder. You remember those don’t you? They were popular when I was a child and you could see a whole event or place at one time. I could stand in my backyard in Cayce, SC and look at all of Disneyland in one view. Well, Jesus stands at the beginning of time and end of time and sees all in between. So, Jesus stands at your birth, first day of school, graduation, marriage and funeral and sees it all. That is a great argument for praying for your future spouse. Jesus knows who He has ordained your spouse to be. You don’t want to be at the wrong marriage altar do you? Anyway, a little side bar there, but Jesus looked in that view finder and said Peter, I have told Satan he can sift you like wheat. Jesus looked at Perry Noble’s life and knew he’d have this sin struggle but still planted him in the pulpit of His church.

Secondly, why would Jesus do that? Well, sifting wheat removes the chaff or the “bad” stuff, so all you are left with is the good stuff to feed yourself with … or better the good stuff that produces a great outcome – baked bread. Can you smell sourdough bread baking right now? Actually, what Jesus said is that Satan could remove the “bad” stuff so, the good stuff would remain, and there Jesus would build His Church. That’s why God sent His Son for the “bad” stuff to be covered with His blood. If we are honest with ourselves we all have been or will be sifted like wheat. We are commanded to be like Christ. That has taken some real sifting in my life. So, Perry Noble for whatever reason is being sifted. Some bad stuff is being removed from his life, by his own admission, but why … well, isn’t it obvious? Pastor Noble builds Christ’s church as we are all called to do, make disciples. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Finally, and what is most significant, is that Jesus tells Peter that He, the King of Kings, the Alpha and the Omega, has prayed for him so that his faith will not fail. Do you hear that … Jesus prayed for Peter so His faith would not fail, therefore, same sifting … new day with Perry Noble and through Christ, Pastor Noble’s faith will not fail because when Jesus ascended into Heaven, He promised not to leave us as orphans but He would send a comforter, the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:26 teaches us that the Holy Spirit intercedes for us. Yes, the Holy Spirit is praying for Pastor Noble right now, so shouldn’t we? First Thessalonians 5:17 teaches us to pray without ceasing. We’ve got some work to do. Together, let’s flood the Throne Room of God with prayers for NewSpring Church and Pastor Noble because we know that “good” stuff is going to come out of this … because we also know Romans 8:28 … all things work for good and Jesus is holding Pastor Noble’s View-Finder. But, until then as we witness what has unfolded, what are we to do with the sifted wheat? Either pray or bake bread because who knows; we may have to wipe some dust off our sifters in the near future.


Disclaimer: Just my heart … for any critics … I may use your comments in a future comedy routine! Blessings and love you all bunches! Cherie

We Have Our Holy Night

December 23, 2014

In one of Amy Grant’s popular Christmas songs, she sings, “I need a Silent Night, I need a Holy Night,” and that is exactly what I believe Mary, the Mother of Jesus, hoped for on that Holy night, the night of the birth of her first child, the Savior of the World. That night would have been anything but silent as Mary exhausted from hours of travel, was finally  able to place her head on a pillow of straw to rest for the evening.  I can only imagine the noises as the donkeys brayed and the sheep baaed, as Mary and Joseph drifted off to sleep, and without warning the first wave of contractions began. Between every contraction Mary winced and laid her head back to rest, as she prepared for her next labor pang, and within seconds her silenced ended as her cries of labor echoed throughout the stable. As the young virgin peasant girl panicked with every unfamiliar pain that wreaked havoc in her body, time shifted for allmankind.  Mary released her final cry and the next sound that echoed in the stable was the breath of God, as Jesus Christ, God incarnate, entered the world on that Holy Night. Joseph perplexed and confused, as his virgin bride had given birth, gently cradled the Son of God in his arms, and after his brief glimpse of Heaven, he tenderly placed the babe in the arms of His Mother. Mary cried joyfully, as she looked into the eyes of her New-Born King. His head still coned-shaped from the hours his little body rested in the birthing position, his skin blood-stained and tinged with blue, Mary softly spoke,  “Ten toes and ten fingers,” and then remembering the announcement of the Angel, whispered,  “God is that You?” As that night became a Holy Night.

That very question still challenges the church today, as we are called to go into all the world. As we seek out those in drug-infested allies,  those stuck in corridors of shame,  those bearing the pain in homes of abuse, the unfortunate, the poverty stricken, the least desirable, the most repulsive and the absolutely unlovable, we must ask, “God is that You?” Jesus Christ clearly tells us in Matthew 25:40, 45 that anything we do for the least of these we do for Him and anything we neglect to do for the least of these we neglect do for Him. So, the boundary line has been drawn and the line includes the utmost parts of the world, the dirtiest allies, the biggest neighborhoods and streets, villages and all corners of every country – until we no longer ask, “God is that You?” We have our Silent Night, we have our Holy Night – the question is not, “What will Jesus do?” but, “What will I do? For, Jesus has promised us, “And, Surely, I am with you always.”

December 23rd, and the alarms blares out exceptionally early because I am up for the race. You know, trying to make it to the finish line before Christmas Day. I have so much to do; therefore, I make my list and check it twice, not having time to figure out who has been naughty or nice, but I do have my day down to the minute. Nothing is getting in my way today. I drink my coffee in record time and run out of the door. Then, crank the engine of my red sports edition Camry, rev up the engine and peel out to race to my final errands.  No pit stops today straight to the finish line. Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, pick up engraved Christmas gifts, purchase last minute stocking stuffers and oh yes, did I mention, finishing up my husband’s Christmas shopping, buying the gifts he needed to give … the ones he forgot to tell me about the other 364 DAYS! ‘Tis the season I guess, but I finally arrive at my last destination for shopping, before rushing home and heading out the door for a drop-in, then wrapping  and more wrapping. Cooking for the next day’s afternoon drop-in but before that we are to rise bright and early to make it to our annual breakfast and finally, out of town. Did I mention, ‘Tis the Season?”

I quickly begin to notice the only way I can get everything done is to stay on task until the very end. I must not veer from my schedule by one minute today. The race continues and it’s 3:00 p.m. I’ve done it. I haven’t stopped to talk (a miracle in itself) nor have I gotten distracted and I’m on my way to the grocery store, MY LAST STOP, and if my math is correct 3 minutes early.

I step into our local Bi-Lo and the race picks up again. It’s funny though, I find myself all over the store. Down aisle one, the fresh fruits and vegetables, all of the women there appear to be my age, and they are buying the same thing. We must all be making a cranberry-congealed salad tonight at midnight. Aisle 2, well everyone was also out of toothpaste. Aisle three, I begin lose some of the women and by Aisle 4, it’s just me and another woman … probably carbon copies of one another finishing our Christmas tasks for the same number of people and our kids had to be the same age … you know, a grocery cart tells a lot about a family.

From Aisle 4 and over, every time I turn to race down another Aisle, we almost collide buggy-to- buggy, both carrying identical food items … and toothpaste. Each time we exchanged excuse-me pleasantries, smile and continued our journey of being the winners of Mother-of-all-tasks. I turned to the frozen food aisle to retrieve my last needed item … Cool-Whip … and who should be there … not 8 tiny Reindeer or even Santa … but my kindred Shopping Mother.  As I could have guessed, she was standing right in front of the Cool-Whip; exactly what I needed. I was quite embarrassed to exchange another apology so I just stood there a minute, and then I began to recognize that her schedule could not have been as busy as mine. Obviously, she was not working minute-to-minute as I was because she continued to just stand there for about two minutes. Finally recognizing I was about to go into that third minute I had gained before going into the grocery store, I gently said, “Excuse me.” She stepped to the side, I grabbed the largest Cool-Whip I could grab and turned to place it in my buggy when she mumbled, “No, not that one.” I said, “Excuse me.” She replied, “Not that one.” The 8-ounce containers are buy-one get-one free and the large one will cost you more.” I turned back around to put the 12-ounce container back in the grocery freezer, and reach for two 8-ounce containers when I heard her mumble again, “but I don’t need that much this year.” I immediately began conversing with God, reminding Him I was on a tight schedule because I recognized from her tone she was hurting. I knew what God really wanted me to do, so, I asked, “You don’t need two containers?” She quickly replied, “No, I lost my husband and this is my first Christmas without him.” I knew in my heart it was not a divorce, so, then I asked, “When did he pass away?” She began to cry, and I threw my timed-schedule and list to the side, if I really wanted to complete my task for the day, I’d forget about time and my list, and I’d listen to the Divine appointment I’d been given in frozen foods.

After a few minutes of her sharing about her husband’s untimely death, she paused and my appointed words began to flow. After a few sentences, another woman joined our conversation, an acquaintance of the woman I was talking to. They hugged and she joined in our conversation. I was able to invite both of them to church and learned that neither was attending church at this time, but most importantly I asked if I could pray with them, so, on December 23, 2013, in the middle of the frozen foods, three women that met over Cool-Whip began to pray. I prayed aloud that we would always know that this day had not been about the Cool-Whip but about Jesus wrapping His loving and comforting arms around one of His hurting daughters. I said, “A-men,” and no bells went off, the heavens did not open, but she did hug me and thank me. I’ve been looking for her every Sunday since. I haven’t seen her, but I trust that God does.

About my list and time: after that Divine Appointment, I could not remember what I was to do next, so I went home and spent  the rest of the evening reveling in the company of my husband and children.

So where is Jesus? Everywhere His children are … even on the Cool-Whip aisle!

My Easy-Bake Oven

October 3, 2013

The first time I saw it advertised on television, I knew I had to have it! I’d never thought about being a master baker but this I wanted – an Easy-Bake Oven. Chocolate cake any time I desired. I quickly penciled Easy-Bake Oven at the top of my Christmas list. On Christmas morning I raced to the den to find my own Easy-Bake Oven. I couldn’t stand it. I squealed, “Let’s bake now!” My mother asked me to wait, but I couldn’t. I darted to the kitchen to whip up my masterpiece.

My brother helped me while I carefully measured the final ingredient, water; well the only ingredient, to the powdery mixture. I poured the chocolate paste into the small pan and pushed it into the oven. I pushed too hard. The pan slipped off the rack, and the chocolate ran down the inside of the oven. I finally retrieved the pan of burnt cake. Determined that it was edible I offered some to my brother. He ran. I pierced the flattened cake with a fork and it cracked. I put the “cake” in my mouth. “Yuck,” I spit. I unplugged my Easy-Bake Oven, packed it back in the box and never baked with it again, and today, I’m still not a master baker, but I can order cakes from the bakery.

Have you ever had plans not turn out the way you expected? That’s what happened with my Easy-Bake Oven. It wasn’t so easy. I could’ve learned to bake had I stuck to my plan, but being a little over zealous, having a shaky hand and a yucky taste in my mouth put a quick end to my plans. Life is sometimes the same way. Sometimes our lives are fluffy and sweet while others times the layers of life seem “burnt,” frail, and thin. It is in these times that we must trust that God’s grace is sufficient.

          At the age of seventeen, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My doctor’s prognosis was that by the age of twenty-one, I would be confined to a wheelchair suffering with chronic pain. Not my plan A. I’d dreamed of college, marrying and having children. Rheumatoid did not fit, but I couldn’t stuff this back in the Easy-Bake Oven box. I had to persevere, but I didn’t know how, then God gently led me to 2 Corinthians 12:9 that says, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

 I realized that I didn’t have to stuff this disease in a box. I could surrender my weakness to Jesus and His power would be perfected there.

Thirty-four years later, I still have Rheumatoid Arthritis, however, my dreams have come true. I married my prince charming, we have two beautiful children and I can walk. Today, if you’re suffering or experiencing a trial (maybe an economic loss in our unstable economy,) persevere in God’ grace because it is sufficient, and don’t stuff your dreams in a box: because only Easy-Bake Ovens go there.

Dear God, thank you for your grace that rises up in our lives. A-men.




“Do you want to know what color your carpet really is?” I got asked that question two weeks ago. We are getting estimates to replace the carpet in our home, and when the carpet company sent out a young man to measure our floors to give us an estimate, he asked me this question not once but twice.

The first time I tried to ignore his question because I knew our carpet was worn, tattered and dirty, so, I pretended not to hear him. Have you ever done that? Then, I heard once again, but this time in a louder tone,

“Do you want to know what color your carpet really is?”

I cringed and sheepishly replied, “Not really, but I’ll come look.”

As I turned the corner in our dining room, I saw the young man kneeling under the windows where an air exchange was located. He had lifted the air exchange up and I could see the original color of the carpet tucked under the exchange. The carpet under the exchange was off-white not dirty beige like the rest of the house. I sighed and plotted all plausible answers in my head as to why my carpet was so dingy, but my heart spoke before my mind did. I replied,

“I know this carpet is not the same color any more but the darker color is much more beautiful … you see this carpet has been lived on … not just lived on but we have also loved, laughed, wept and waged all-out-parents-versus-teenagers-war on this carpet.”

I pointed out to him where my son’s cleat marks were still imprinted on the carpet from the game he pitched his first shut-out, and ran in the door with shouts of victory long before remembering to take his cleats off. I shared with him how my daughter had knelt on this very carpet to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, and I fought back a lump in my own throat as I shared that this carpet caught my husband and my tears as we wept over my cancer diagnosis.

I quickly looked at him and said,

“This is beautiful carpet because we lived on it.”

He looked up and was visibly moved, and then replied, “You’re right this is beautiful carpet. Thanks for your perspective.”

Life is often the same way. That which looks tattered, worn out and wrinkled is more often than not a life lived beautifully. So, the next time you think it is time to replace something … look at it again. It may hold some of your most treasured memories, and that makes it beautiful!